Who Are We?

The E.B.I.T.D.A Collective is a full-service branding agency that specializes in helping emerging and established companies to generate increased visibility in a highly competitive market. We help businesses create an innovative approach to reach their digitally savvy target audiences through a mix of traditional and online marketing channels. Formed in 2011, EBITDA was built on the premise that every business needs a smart strategy and some clever thinking to make sure their message is heard by all the right people and in all the right ways.

The EBITDA Difference

We understand that consumers are exposed to hundreds/thousands of advertisements each day, and that’s why our unique approach focuses on cutting through the clutter and commanding attention. We refer to this process as Disruptive Advertising™, where your business drowns out the competition and rises about the crowd. In a nutshell, Disruptive Advertising™ can act as a motivator or call to action, broaden brand or product visibility and, ultimately, positively impact sales.

The days of sitting around and waiting for someone to find your business are long gone. Businesses have to be proactive – simply handing out business cards or having a website just isn’t enough. Today’s consumer is on the go, moving a mile a minute, juggling multiple tasks and never slowing down. Companies that are serious about growing and sustaining their business have to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of high visibility in a fast-paced environment.

At EBITDA, our team is made up of experts in their field, bright minds that are passionate about the potential that advertising can have on growing a business.  Our Chicago Based SEO services are unmatched in quality, and dedication. Ultimately, we aim to make such a powerful statement with our campaigns that your customers don’t just like your brand, they are fanatical about it. They are brand advocates and ambassadors. They spread the word. To us, that’s success.

It’s time to get noticed.

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