Branding is the foundation for which all other marketing efforts should be based. Having a unique and instantly recognizable brand not only gives a company an identity in the marketplace, but it also helps consumers to identify and establish trust in your company.

EBITDA is a full-service brand consulting firm with an expertise for building successful brands. Whether it’s creating a new brand from the ground up, revitalizing an existing brand image or helping merging brands unify their image, we bring fresh ideas and branding solutions to the table by approaching each project with strategic thinking and a long-term plan for success.

During our initial branding input sessions, we take a comprehensive look at where you are versus where you want to be. Then we tackle the branding exercise before addressing specific marketing strategies and tactics related to everything from website development and SEO to print collateral and social media.

By establishing a solid branding platform, all other communications will be more effective in clearly delivering your message. Branding also helps to establish credibility, with the goal of ultimately producing brand advocates who act as ambassadors for your company.

A partial list of the branding services we provide includes:

  • Brand strategy, including: marketing plans, roadmaps and campaigns
  • Brand identity, including: mission, vision, tagline, key messaging, tone, attributes
  • Brand collateral, including: logos, business cards, letterhead, email signatures
  • Brand guidelines, including: colors, logo usage, photography style, templates
  • Digital branding, including: website design, mobile site design, social strategy, SEO
  • Print collateral, including: corporate brochures, advertisements

Need proof that branding works? Look at the mega-success of brands like Apple, Nike and McDonalds, who are all international leaders within their industries. Consumers are able to instantly recognize the symbols, color and look of these brands because of the thought and due diligence behind the brand.

Let EBITDA help to differentiate your brand and create a meaningful relationship with your audience. Our team of brand strategists will help to define a long-term vision for your company – one that will help you to sustain and grow within your markets.

Contact us today to find out more about our branding services.